Looking for "Total Liberation" Chapter 5??

21 May 2017
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Looking for "Total Liberation" Chapter 5??


Cidney G is one of today’s most fascinating people. She is the mastermind behind the infamous #ATLorgy and the “Pussy Over Pain Video” that reached over 7MILLION people in less than a week!


She is known for openly discussing sex and loving more than one person at a time. She is the author of the Novel “Total Liberation” where she candidly discusses what it was like fucking and loving 3 men at the same damn time.


Many call her “brave” and “courageous” for her freedom and willingness to let it hang out there- while giving ZERO fucks.


But what she is doing next...takes the words Brave and Courageous to an entire new stratosphere!

Cidney G has made perhaps one of the most daring and faith-requiring decisions one can possibly make:


She has decided to “give up” her condo in Atlanta, “let go” of most of her possessions to go live...everywhere!


“I woke up one day last week (mid May 2017) feeling empty, lost and simply not right on the inside. I was chronically bored and I couldn't take it. Nothing felt good nor exciting. I was afraid I was losing my drive.


My best friend Stephanie had taken the leap of faith. She took off to the UK and no plans of returning to the states anytime soon. This made me think: “What the hell was I waiting on?”

What was keeping me here? Fear? “Comfort”?


Well, it couldn't have been the latter because I wasn't comfortable. I was so uncomfortable it was unreal. I was 27 years old, no kids and “locked” into a lease that was ending soon.


“I am an adventurous free spirited person’ I thought “but I am living the life of a mother of 8 infants with a lame basic controlling husband and a job I can’t leave….why?”


So, I watched “Eat, Pray, Love” for the second time and before the first hour was up I was looking at beautiful airbnbs for $20.00 a night and making plans to go...to leave it all behind...


I told my mom what I was doing the next morning and the rest is…”history in the making”.


I was waiting around for someone to give me a reality show. But fuck that- I am creating my own reality show...100% My way...


I am going to document my journey. Every detail. Every smile, laugh, tear, orgasm, every love interest and of course every fear ( I have those too).


I will do it Cidney style, raw, naked and uncut.


I have found the perfect platform. https://www.connectpal.com/totalliberation allows me to post any and everything with no restrictions.

Come with me as I:


    • Get rid of all my shit in ATL and travel back home to my roots in Northern Louisiana and Dallas, TX  
    • Spend valuable time with my family and friends for the month of June.
    • Visit old boyfriends and have some farewell sex
    • Raise the $10,000.00 I need to travel comfortably.
    • Hop on the plane to Bali, Indonesia at the end of June/ Early July
    • Live the life of a man-loving woman who lives everywhere...and nowhere…
    • Do lots of random naked ass shaking, corny dancing and my infamous “rants”
    • Do more “Pussy Over Pain” type videos.
    • Get my pussy waxed...and licked
    • Manifest my Twin Flame
  • You will also get first dibs on any Total Liberation Events!

    Pretty soon I will no longer be accessible on any other platform...except: https://www.connectpal.com/totalliberation


    For introductory subscription price of just $6.99 per month you get access to me in ways you have never imagined.


    This is not FACEBOOK: I can be ASSED-OUT as much as I want...and even suck a dick or three!

    This gives me the chance to be raw the way I LOVE to be raw…My REAL life. No chaser!


    You also get access to my Novel “Total Liberation” in which I documented a time in my life where I had 3 boyfriends at one time- who all knew about each other...it is raw vulnerable and erotic as fuck!


    With your membership you will get one chapter per week!


    This is the deal:


    The $6.99 per month introductory price is only for the first 100 subscribers.


    I have a database of millions of people so...I’d click here now and join me NOW or risk getting left behind! Oh, yea- You can cancel at anytime=)


    Thank you in advance for subscribing! It means so much to me!!



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