Meet the Creator

Meet the Creator


Cidney Green is a phenomenon. She is an entrepreneur, an author, an icon of this generation. It was her bold and daring mind that conjured up the concept of Erotic Sleepovers. It all started in February of 2017.

“A friend of mine connected me to the manager of a swingers club near Atlanta, GA. Their Sundays were slow and they needed me to help promo.” She said during an interview.

“ It just so happened that my birthday fell on a Sunday so I decided to make it a birthday bash.  I put together that dope concept and had already started selling tickets. I was doing so well that the owner flew in to meet with me. Only to tell me all the things I couldn't do. I have never been one for rules and shit besides they were taking too much of the money. So, I respectful told them I would find another venue for my party...the rest is history.”

Cidney is known for sheer courage when it comes to sexual liberation.

“Freedom is really what my events are about. I wanted to create a world where people got to live out their sexual fantasies without any dumb shit. No judgment. Just orgasm...or just watching other people have them.”

Cidney Green is from Monroe, Louisiana. At just 27 years old she has accomplished so much. She has earned over six-figures as a Phone Sex Operator. She is Co-Owner the World's First Sex Work Academy with her best friend Stephanie Cathcart. She is the creator of the World Famous and Highly impactful “Pussy Over Pain” Video. And she also has her very first novel hitting stores everywhere in the Summer of 2018.

“My book is about when I had 3 boyfriends at one time.” she told us “It was a very popular blog back in 2014 now the world is about to experience this book that is based on true events. I’m so fucking excited!”

Cidney Green is a smart, outspoken sexy and has no plans of slowing down. Her popularity has created a desire to know her more personally.

“2018 is the year I will realize many of my dreams. The main one being reuniting with my Twin Flame. The subscribers to my Reality Show know me better than anyone. They get to be with me as I stream LIVE every single day as well as watch me plan these legendary events.”

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