The NEXT Erotic SleepOver

The NEXT Erotic SleepOver


Saturday, March 17th


Sunday, March 18th, 2018

Atlanta, GA


Before moving forward click here to get the details from the last #AtlOrgy #EroticSleepover

The last time the venue was was very private and the guest loved it.
But the venue we have selected for The Total Liberation #EroticSleepover Round 2 makes the other venue look like… SHABA!
We are talking MTV Cribs style shit… something most could only dream of. But that's what
Total Liberation Erotic Sleepovers are all about. Turning Wet Dreams into full-blown reality.
General Admission will arrive around 8:00 pm EST on Saturday, March 17th.
ID’s will be checked.
No need to worry about NDAs and waivers because they will have already been signed electronically before arrival.
There will be an airport-style bag check.  
Any drugs, weapons and other illegal items are strictly prohibited.
No phones or electronics are allowed at all. We will collect them at the door.

NO EXCEPTIONS. *We do not fuck around*

Once inside the home, you will be greeted by our gracious staff members. We will take care of your bags while you get a feel for the place...
The tasty bites of food and liquid courage will be there for you to nibble and sip on during our Pre-Ratchet Party. (Future and 21 Savage will be played...again)
There will be unique fun and games for you to participate in. Games that will make you feel very free… light… giggly… and just a little bit horny.
When the clock hits 10:00 pm we will be ready to feed you some real food that will make you want to slap everybody you love.
Cidney is from Louisiana. Seasoning is a must. Nothing shall be tasteless.
We will give you a little bit of time to enjoy dinner, then we will reveal the major surprise we have in store for you…
At 11:30 PM we will be entertained in ways that you can't even imagine.
We refuse to give you any real hints. But we suggest that you use your mingling time wisely because by the time this is over you will be insisting on fucking something (even yourself)...and we want you to do just that.
Because at 12:00 am …all of the shit you only see in the porn movies and in your dreams... will occur right in front of your eyes...
All the bodies and their parts...moving...shaking...cumming...or just watching. Remember, you are not obligated to do anything at this event...except pay the admission fee.

The rest is 100% up to you.

We repeat: Sex is not required nor guaranteed. No one is obligated to do anything of a sexual nature. This means you can come, sit in the corner with shades on and talk to nobody all night if you choose.
We ARE NOT selling sex in ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM!  Soliciting sexual acts in exchange for money is STRICTLY PROHIBITED!   

We will lick, suck, fuck and/or watch until we can no longer stand it...only to... Wake up for breakfast at around 9:00am 
We will enjoy a few more rounds of ass, delicious food, and entertaining conversation…You then uncheck your bags and head out to your next destination...still high off the euphoria of Total Liberation...

How in the hell could not coming to this event be an option?!

But we are not quite done with you yet:
There will be Living Legends in the building….People that most of the guests will easily recognize.
One of them being…



He and Cidney met at AVN in January 2017.

They have been good friends ever since. When Cidney asked him to come and make a guest appearance he agreed with no hesitation. So yea, you will get to party with an Adult Film Super Star!

He is not the only guest you may recognize but he is the only one we will tell you about now and trust us: You want to be in the same room with these individuals.

Once you find out will slap yourself if you opted not to attend this event…

So let's recap-



This event includes:


100% Safety with Highly Trained Security Guards

Our guards specialize in identifying recording devices. Even the ones people hide in belt buckles…Our guards do not fuck around. Any fishy behavior and you're out with no question refund. No drugs (not even weed) or weapons or phones will be allowed at all. Again, we do not play behind our brand. Nothing illegal is allowed what-so-ever.


Dinner, Breakfast and Sweet Treats

As stated above: We don’t bullshit when it comes to food. We like it freshly cooked in-house by a Top Chef. We don't do gluten-free, vegan or any meat substitutions. This event is about let’s do just that! (We will have meatless options.)



We know how important a little buzz is in these situations. So we will provide you with drinks that will help you shed all inhibitions and insecurities.( Feel free to BYOB.)


Sexy Gadgets:

We like to shake things up a bit...if you know what we mean...These toys are yours to keep (individually wrapped of course.)


Over 2,000 Condoms and Plenty of Lube:

You can't say we didn't recommend wrapping it up!


An Around the Clock Cleaning Staff Dedicated to Cleaning up all of the Messes You Make

We know things can get...juicy. Our cleaning experts will work non stop to ensure that all you need to worry about is cumming all over yourself...not cleaning up after yourself (within reason of course)


A Top of Line Mansion to Party…Fuck, Drink and Sleep

You really have to see this place to believe it...that’s all we can say.


Extremely Erotic and Unique Entertainment:

This is the highlight of the event...We spared no expense when it came to this part of the experience...We cannot stress how played you will feel if you are not there to see this!


Partying with Living Legends...Including Nat TurnHer and Cidney Green herself

...again, you will just have to be there! LMAO, that is ALL we can say.


The event will be full of icebreakers but we decided to start it early this time around. Once you have purchased your ticket you have the OPTION (this is not mandatory at all) to join us in a super private group chat! This way you can flirt, send nasty pictures and videos or before you get to the event! Good shit huh?

Last year these tickets simply did not last. The event sold out not once...not twice, but three times.

If you wait you will not get a chance to experience this until sometime next year...IF we decide to do it again in Atlanta...So, without further delay: Secure your spot below!



Oh yea: Our Disclaimers are still the same, please take a look to refresh yourself.


  • We are not liable for any transmitting of STDs of any kind.
  • We recommend safe sex. Condoms will be provided. Bring your own if you would like as well.
  • We are NOT selling sex or condoning any prostitution of any kind. Absolutely no illegal activity will go down at this party. Not even smoking weed.
  • We are not liable for anything happening to you of a negative nature. This includes anything from food allergens to drunk driving. You are 100% responsible for what happens to you during and after this party. We assume no responsibility what-so-ever.   
  • If you cannot provide a valid photo ID at the door you will be denied entry.
  • All guests are required to sign detailed Non-Disclosure Agreements and Waivers before receiving the address to the event.
  • We have a strict no refund policy.
  • We are not liable for any lost or stolen items.
  • The time and schedule may be subject to change.
  • This is a 21 and older event ONLY.

For any further questions please email us at

Thank you so very much! Love- ES Staff


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