Total Liberation CHAPTER 2 "August Adventures" Take 1

28 April 2017

Total Liberation CHAPTER 2 "August Adventures" Take 1

*This Novel is a continuation. Be sure to read the chapters in order to have a good grasp on the story line*


August is the passionate, cynical, sexy Scorpio barber who represents my intense sexual side. He is my “provider” and not just of his cock! He was the one who supported me financially during one of the worst periods of my life.



If I needed something he was, and still is, there for me. He was the first man to show me that men not only are supposed to pay for things, but WILL.

I had been on countless dates where the man picked up the tab, but I never had a man give me gas, bill and grocery money before.

You see, before August and I became intimate, we were friends for a year. I met him while selling coffee at his shop about 2 years ago.

He was sexy, but the main thing about him was that he was HILARIOUS! He was the typical barber; loud and always debating about something…passionately of course.

Listening to his debates showed me that he was very intelligent, and that’s always a plus! However, I wasn’t sexually or romantically attracted to August at first.

Going to the barbershop was always a relief because I had to spend most of my time as this “business woman”. But when I was in August’s shop, I got to be myself.

As time went on, he showed me the kind of person he was. Even though we had each other’s phone numbers, we never spoke outside the shop. Yet, anytime I would ask for something, he would do it for me.

I always wanted food (I’m fat on the inside), and without even touching me, he always fed me and bought me smoothies.

I remember one time we planned to go out to eat together. Something came up and he couldn’t come. Instead of just canceling and leaving me hungry, he came over just to give me money to get something to eat and left.

I was amazed at the gesture.

"Wow" I thought. But at the time, I was all wrapped up in another man who ended up putting me through lots of emotional…Growth!

So the months rolled by and I began looking at him differently. I began to notice his gorgeous facial structure, his sexy smile, and his strong arms with sharp elbows. I began exploring his body with my eyes and imagination.

Even though he was about 5’6, I remember thinking, “He looks like he has a big dick.”

Then, I began to recall the many sexual conversations I heard in there. According to those, not only was he a freak, but that dick was golden as well.

Still, I hesitated. Why? Oh yea, I forgot to mention; August is married.

I sought counsel on this from a poly coach of mine, RakhemSeku.

I remember I was sitting in August’s shop, lusting after him as he cut hair with executive precision.

Damn he was sexy when he focused on lining his clients hair perfectly…the way he narrowed his eyebrows…shit!

Sorry, I lost focus there for a second.

I shot Rakhem a text:

Me: Is it wrong to desire a married man?

Rakhem: Only if you believe it is.

At the time I did not fully get it.

Rakhem: His relationships are not your business.

He told me plainly.

"WOW," I thought.

Would you like to know the main reason I chose to begin this affair with August?

Some nights we would just sit and talk at his shop after all his clients had left. He would tell me about his marriage and his affairs. August had never been faithful to a woman. It is just not in him.

He told me details about his current love affair. His other lover and he had been dating for about two years. He told me about the trips they would take and the things he would do for her etc.

"Wow" I thought. "I have never had a man do those things for me."

At the time, I was in a situation in which I was not getting my needs met. I was giving 10,000% and receiving 0.1% in return. Even though I am much more advanced now, I knew that if I could experience the feelings of support, love, generosity plus more, then I would be able to attract it.

August was designed to be an experiment.

I am not the type of woman to keep things to myself for long. At this time, both of our love affairs had ended. So, I told him exactly what I just revealed to you.

We discussed our future affair before we did anything physical. I was clear.

"I want to see what it feels like to have a man do those things for me. I am attracted to you, yes. But I have to know how that feels."

“We can do this but I must warn you. When girls fuck with me, they are never the same afterward.”

I decided to take my chances.

Next thing you know, I am in his car outside the shop with his head between my legs. His boldness turned me the fuck on. I loved public sex already, but the fact that he would do this right outside his work place made blood rush to my clit even faster.

August simply did not give a fuck, and that’s what I loved about him. He was so passionate and dominant! Grabbing my thighs, letting out little grunts here and there.

The fact that this was “wrong” excited the hell out of me. He finished and grabbed the back of my neck and kissed me like he had wanted to kiss me for a decade. I felt desired. I felt sexy. I felt the beginnings of an addiction…

That’s another thing about me. I have an addictive personality. When something feels good, I want it again and again!

I do it with meals…I will get hooked on a dish and won’t let it be! Knowing that about myself, I knew I was in trouble.

August was fine, generous, and could eat the hell out of a pussy. I wanted more…and I was gonna get it.

The “August Effect” had begun.

Believe it or not, I was still a bit unsure about this affair even after our hot time in the car. I wanted to keep it “safe,” so I would just do oral sex with him at first. (He likes to do it to me. I can count on one hand how many times I have sucked his dick. He likes to be in control and I love to let him.)

But, pretty soon all that went out the window, and quickly I found out I was right…that dick was thick, just the right length with a slight lean to the left.

I’ll never forget the first night I allowed August to penetrate me.

He arrived at my apartment at around 8:30pm. He was wearing a dark grey long sleeve V-Neck shirt and shorts.

His hair was trimmed in the perfect Mohawk. Damn he was fine.

The last time he came over he just ate my pussy…He did a wonderful job at making me crazy with his mouth.

I fooled myself into thinking that was all that would happen this time around.

There was something different in his eyes on this particular night.

I knew it then. My pussy would not belong to me very much longer…

“Hey,” he said…

“Hey,” I replied.

I am not sure how it happened but soon August had his face between my legs again.

Using his tongue in the most manipulative ways. Seducing my vulnerability.

I was wetter this time. More into it than before. Less uncomfortable.

I was relaxing into being his mistress.

But it was hard to relax my breathing with skills like his.

He had a practiced tongue. That tongue had graced the surfaces of countless other lady parts.

That’s how he knew how to apply just the right amount of pressure here and there…

He let his tongue slither further past my pussy hole to my other one.

Nasty motherfucker.

He had no limits.

That’s August for your ass.

He removed his seasoned tongue from my yearning pussy, to virgin hole, to my anxious mouth.

I had never experienced kisses like his. So deep.

He kissed me like he wanted me to enjoy my leakage just as much as he did.

He grabbed my face as I tried breathlessly to return his passion.

I felt myself losing control.

Interesting choice of words considering I never had it.

I felt the weight of his obligated tool thump against my pussy.

I reached down to grab it. Had to see what I was up against.

It was strong…it was thick…and rock motherfucking hard.

Could I take it?

I could tell by the way he grabbed me he was a rough lover…

But I needed rough.

I needed to be stretched…in every single way imaginable.

I needed August.

He positioned my legs the way he wanted…wrapped up tight around his torso as he began his invasion.

My eyes got as big as flap jacks as I felt the sting of him.

I squealed a high pitched squeal as I all but dug my short finger nails into his tattooed arms.

I opted to slap his arms, verses drawing blood.

I am not sure how I managed to be considerate as my vaginal walls were being stretched to new limits.

“You iight?” He asked as he moved himself in and out of me…each insertion deeper than the last.

I nodded as I tussled with intense pain and pleasure.

Shit, his dick was wide, but it was fitting inside me…

I was letting him in…

He opened me up more and more. He started to roll his back with it. Taking his dick out of my pussy slowly and entering it with more speed.

Showing me his stroke.

“Shit, this young pussy is feeling too good.” Oh yea, I forgot to mention. He is about 16 years my senior.

“I knew this pussy was good…fuck…its wet in there girl.”

“Ohhh my goooodddd,” I moaned as he started hitting all kinds of walls inside of me.

“Um hm,” He said. “That pussy is getting wetter and wetter…You ready for that dick now. You can take it. You a big girl.”

He wrapped his strong fingers around my neck and gave me another one of those kisses. He did a great job as distracting me from the overwhelming sensation of his cock grinding deeper and deeper inside me.

“Mmahmmmm,” I moaned, as I tried to utter actual words to no avail.

He tossed my left leg up on his shoulder as he held my hips down. He pushed himself even further inside of me.

His stroke was picking up momentum as I made all kinds of ugly faces that I tried to cover up with my pillow. He quickly snatched that shit away from me…just like I knew he would.

Before I knew it, I was on all fours getting my ass tore up. He had my waste on lock and there was no running for me.

That’s what makes men so irreplaceable. How they can just…completely dominate you in the best way.

I was squirting everywhere and he was loving it.



He loved it so much he started eating my pussy from behind right after it sprayed all over him.

I couldn’t believe how fucking nasty he was.

Nor could I believe how intense our sexual chemistry was.

It was thick…it was heavy…it was surreal.

We were going at it like it was our 98th time.

Our bodies felt as if they were made for each other…

If I thought I was addicted before, I knew I was a straight up fiend now.

The way he pinned me down and stuck me over and over again felt like back to back doses of divine adrenaline shooting through my body.

I got a cramp in my foot from pointing them with so much power.

I loved how effortlessly he put me in different positions…He made me feel like I weigh 12 pounds.

That was only further confirmation the I was dealing with a pro -FUCKING- fessional.

We had been fucking for damn near two hours.

I had come countless times. He had come none.

I was on my stomach barley hanging on for dear life as he kept jabbing me.

I was worn out but I wouldn’t dare ask him to stop.

Just because I had no energy left did not mean I wanted his dick removed from my pussy.

Hell, I never wanted that!

My pussy stayed super wet for him.

Fuck, that position was feeling like heaven to me. He was pressing the head of his dick against my walls with such accuracy as he tongue kissed my neck and mouth.

I was moaning like crazy as I was about to come once again.

“OhgodOhmyGodOhGod. I’m coming aa-g-gain.”

This only made him submerge himself deeper and my body went in straight spasm mode.

I felt his body trembling along with mine. More subtle but I could definitely tell that August, The Great, had finally cum.

He was not loud and growly. He was cool with it.

I can’t say the same for myself. I felt like I had been paralyzed, yet, I could not stop myself from jerking…moaning and coming…

I was in disbelief two fold.

I couldn’t believe I was fucking a married man as if he was my own and… And I couldn’t believe I had waited so long to indulge…

August had successfully fucked all my inhibitions away.

It was then that I made a vow to myself:

I would never rationalize my way out of pleasure ever again…


I was completely fascinated with him and his complete pussy control.

He brought it to my attention that I love promiscuous men. He loved to throw that dick around.

What would I do if this thing with August intensified? Would it have the chance to intensify? Would I see him again? Had he gotten all he wanted from me?...fuck if I knew.

I was too busy trying to uncross my eyes and locate my pussy walls...


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