Why TV Cameras Though?

Why TV Cameras Though?

Wassup With The Cameras and Shit??

I bet that is the question that is on everyone’s mind. I understand the surprise and the need for a good ass answer. Well how about a how damn blog bih??
For the past two years I have successfully catered to the closet freaks…(Those who love to do all the things Porn Stars do: eat a little ass, ride a dick or 9, lick on shafts and clit, traipse around butt naked etc. but for one reason or another feel the need to act like they don’t)  I have succeeded in what most would call impossible: I created a world famous event and have ensured that not a photo or video has been leaked.
This is no cheap feat. It costs thousands of dollars for the proper security measures to make sure noone is caught doing that God- awful thing that is the reason we are all alive.
The “ATLORGY”/ EroticSleepover is world where the school teachers, pastors, celebrities and music execs can do all the things that would, if exposed, leave them jobless, single and a social outcast.
But why though? Why does something so natural, harmless, pleasurable and Godly as sexuality and nudity come with such dire consequences? How can something that was never designed to be private...be private? Why do we openly discuss who got shot ,raped, tortured and killed at the water cooler but we wouldn't dare mention who got some amazing orgasmic sex the night before? I personally would love to hear all the juicy details of the latter.
Why do businesses suffer is its associated with anything sexual? How can the consumer turn their nose up at that when they just had their nose turned up in someone's ass the night before? Why can we show the gory details of a murder scene on TV but we can't show porn on that very same network?
Society is riddled with absolutely illogical hang ups about sex. It is these hang ups that is the root of all sexual dis-eases and deviant behavior.
Sure, I have preached this for some time now. Yet, I too have been propagating the stupidity of these destructive norms by going above and beyond to make sure what happens at my events remains…”private”.
I really had to look in the mirror and ask myself…”what message am I really sending?” If I truly feel that there is no shame in what I do, why am I just “going along to get along”.
Well, I'll be honest.
This EroticSleepOver is a for profit business and I was worried that if I allowed camera inside the ATLORGY then I’d have about 4 guests: me, my 2 boyfriends, and the cameraman in attendance. That would be rough on my pockets.
That is what I call a limiting belief. I don't have to choose between success and authenticity. I can have both: a sold out-profitable event and one that truly represents who I have worked so hard to become: A highly intelligent, sexual, polyamours, spiritual being. One who loves to show my ass and have various tongues inside of it while shouting the things I’m grateful for. One who loves to being committed loving relationships with as many men as possible.
There are people out there who have done the inner work required to be sexually free and happy in this world. There are people who feel  just like I do. Who are tired of pussy footing around grown ass fucking adults (pun intended) about something they do 4-8 times a week and dream about 25/8. There are courageous beings out there who embrace their sexuality and take the beating daily for it. It’s time that I do something for US.
This was already my mindset when a Major (and sex-positive) TV network reached out and asked to be the very first cameras allowed inside the walls of the Legendary “ATLORGY”. They want to document the making and the actual event for millions to see.  For me is was a no- brainer: “Where the hell do I sign?!”
People need to understand that this event is about way more that what the internet given title implies. We mix the spiritual, the playful, the metaphysical, and don't forget the sexual.
Even when I tell people that it’s way more than just fucking they don't believe me. If fact you still have people who think I am a dedicated college student that never had this event. Some think it's all a fraud, that only men show up, and a whole host of fabrications. That’s cool, I'll make em eat their words...and my ass.
I admit I am a hypocrite in more ways than one but I cannot be on this one. The bottom line is no way to normalize sexuality and nudity while hiding out. Even though lives are changed at my events, doing this 75 people at a time will take damn too long. I’ve got to take this to the world. To mainstream TV. And I have got to do it now.
I am doing this for all people but especially for my own. African Americans are the most hypocritical, sexually repressed and conflicted people on Earth. They need to see this shit...and they will.
On March 15th-17th in Atlanta, GA we will make history. What happens here will alter the world in a way that only I, Cidney Green, can do.
Production starts on the 12th and I am ready to show the world how these events come to life and how to change theirs…
If you proud of all aspects of who you are you need to be here. Stand with me. This is a movement!


  • Terrance

    How to join🍆🍑

  • Kevin

    I love following you and enjoy you as aperson

  • Aubrey

    I love what you’ve done and what you’re about to do. You’re about to blow the fuck up into the stratosphere game wise and monetarily wise. I love that for you. You have voiced in your letter questions I too have pondered and continually ponder upon. From childhood, we are taught to be modest and shame about our sexual body members. I believe it started with Adam and Eve becoming shame after they realized they were naked and God giving them animal skins to cover their pelvic area to prevent that shame. Why is it that we can look at animals naked without shame but we can’t look at ourselves without having shame? Because of how we are programmed from the start as children. People have issues with women showing their breast but, when You Wikipedia when it was against the law for men to show their chest, it was not too long ago. Yes, men could not walk around bare chested back in the 1950’s. But, the law changed and now, men walk around bare chested and no one thinks anything of it. Why? Because of perception and little boys aren’t made to feel shame to do so. The underwear market is against nakedness because that hurts their bottom line. It would destroy their market. Religious zealots are against nudity because it goes against being modest.

    I applaud and commend your passion to change our mindset on how we view ourselves nudity wise. We are sexual beings that should not be ashamed of the skin we come into the world in.

    I would love to attend your event but, I am ashamed of myself because I fit within a class identity that people make fun of and joke about in ot being big enough. I am a black man with a little dick limp wise. As a black man, I am supposed to have a big dick. I don’t fit the stereotype of what everyone presumes a black man should be dick size wise. If it weren’t for that, I would be enamoured to attend your event but, I wouldn’t want to become the joke of the party. The one people laugh at. The one people mock, demean and deride with little dick man jokes, innuendos and sarcastic remarks. I know my dick is little. I hate it but, I can’t do anything about like women with little titties can do with getting breast implants.

    If every man was proud of their dicks size wise, I believe their would be no body shaming and society would accept nudity in public and sex as a normal thing to engage in in public. Just my opinion.

    I look forward to viewing your documentary and I wish you much success.

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