Who The HELL is Cidney G?


I could write a 12 page long autobiography about who I am but as you know- I prefer videos. Below are a few of my most revealing ones that really display who I am as a person. If you really want to know who the hell I am. You'd watch=)




This one was conducted by my very close friend Jevon Miller back in 2014ish. We are at my Mummy's house. We are discussing my blog "Total Liberation" that is returning April 2017. This is a two part interview....and Yes, I am an odd person lol my blog "Total Liberation is the first time people began to know about me. The blog is very vulnerable and erotic. I hold nothing back as I spill the beans on what it was like having 3 boyfriends at once when they all knew about each other. Dive in this shit niggi!


 Part 2:


We came back about a year later for Total Liberation Interviews Round 2:


Part 2

I took a hiatus from writing for years until now. The next thing that got me in the public eye was the famous "KundaliniKak Options" Video. It was the first taste of "viralness" back in May 2016:

And then there was the ATL Orgy...

And now..."Pussy Over Pain"


Choose Pussy over Pain from Cidney G Green on Vimeo.

 Oh yea, I'm a 6 figure earning phone sex operator too... You can be one as well. I co-own www.totallipservice.org where we train ladies to make good LOOT on the phone.


I had a boy group by the name of 'Hot Pocket"...We da shit.


Meet Gwenawear...The worlds best sex therapist....

For more of me check out my Youtube Channel-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnNDfzDubH7scDw0QoD0W2w

Well, now you know alotta shit bout me....I love you too lol