Total Liberation...The Novel Returns

What you are about to read is your new addiction. The "Total Liberation" blog is the most raw, vulnerable, erotic and down right orgasmic body of work you will ever read.


Have you ever had more than one lover? Do you know what it feels like?... What two dicks in done day does to you? Do you have any clue what its like loving more than one person at a time and the tricks your mind can play on you in the process?


Well you are about to find out all of this and THEN some as you get to know Cidney G in a way you never could imagine.

Nothing will be left to the imagination as I tell this tale of my relationship with 3 very different men. This is most definitely based to true events. Every man really exists.


Prepare for a weekly installment: Every Thursday at 8:00PM.

This blog is a continuation so be sure to stay caught up.

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Let not waste anymore time...


Here is the introduction:

 Oh yea, since this is the Total Liberation Come Back-  I will give you 2 installments vs 1.