Shuttin' Down The Rumors

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Sure, you heard about the famous “#ATLorgy”... You saw it on the news and you read the rumors. You've seen the creator/host: Cidney G all over the net in her famous “Pussy Over Pain” video (over 15 million views) and the ultra-viral #MorningDickVideo (over 30 million views)

Maybe you saw her on, Shade45 with DJ Kay Slay or the Big Tigger Show...the list goes on and on- either way-it’s safe to say that Cidney Green is an internet sensation...and a Legend of ATL...

Maybe you wanted to come last time but couldn't because of how quickly it sold out( less than 10 days). Maybe this is the first time you are hearing about it. Either way, one thing is for certain:

Even though the original #EroticSleepover made international news ...If you were not there, you have no Earthly idea what went down.

No one seems to talk about what happened in detail and there was not a single photograph leaked… because none were taken due to our extra tight airport-style security that collected phones at the door. NDAs and waivers were also signed.

See the lady there with the papers on the desk? Yep, those are called NDAs and Waivers.


Some seem to believe that the entire event was a hoax...but does this look like a hoax to you? This video was taken before the event...

They said it never happened...but our bartender seems to know differently...

The models are not holograms...we played lots of porn on the screen and that pool was full of hot oil..and naked wrestling...

Cid is a big there was a candy table but this time what we will have on the table this time will be much more appetizing than...candy (wink wink)

Let's see...what other lies did the lames make people believe...oh, yea- that there were no women there...

One woman down...

"Oh that doesn't count- she was staff"- Okay bitches:

Need more? O-kay ( In our scar-face voice)

Feeling played yet? LOL If not..we are not done just yet...

This lady seems to know people who were there...

This looks like a woman too...(she gave us permission to post this photo) this was taken the morning after the party...with Cidney who..."wasn't there"

Last but not least: Cid had the best Birthday cake....ever!


What does all of this tell you?

That it is 100% safe to live in your sexual truth while at a Total Liberation Erotic SleepOver...because they actually go down, the guests LOVE them...and if Cidney Green says she was there....she was fucking there.
So, if you spread the rumors or believed them… please message your chest in a circular motion… we know it’s sore.
Any-Who! Now that that is out of the way: let's get to what we have in store for you this time around...
Now it's time to really fuck peoples' heads all the way up.

It's time to go bigger, grander, sexier, and even more orgasmic!