Cidney G's Going Away Party



CIDNEY'S Going Away  Party:

Date: Saturday May 27th 2017

Location: My condo in Marietta,GA

Time: 7PM-12AM

I can only allow 30-40 people 

There will be:

Good ratchet music
Light refreshments
Aannnd MEEEEEE:)
This is a BYOB party!

There will be shit for sale at my house!
Each purchase comes with a personalize note/autograph!


for those who have not subscribed to = $20.00

For those who HAVE subscribed to my Reality Show at = $10.00

To get the discount all you gotta do is...subscribe to

Subscribers also get to chill with me a lil after midnight

If you are a connectpal subscriber DO NOT PURCHASE WITHOUT USING YOUR PROMOCODE!


It is posted in a connectpal post!


We will send out the adress 12 hours before the event.


Any question email us at